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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Fall and Workers Comp.

Tuesday, January 26th I was asked to go outside for recess duty for a co-worker who was out sick. No big deal, I've done it hundreds of times. I'm outside helping a kiddo zip up his coat, I walk away, next thing I know I'm on my stomach on the ground. Yep, I biffed it on the ice and my stomach took the brunt of the fall. I got up, and instantly start crying because I was really scared. If I would've fallen without being pregnant, no big thing. Yeah, it hurt regardless, but it made me super nervous. I went inside, spoke with a few co-workers, phoned my doctor and Geoff and I were on our way to the OB's to hear fetal heart tones and ensure that everything was okay.

I wasn't very pleased with the treatment I received from my doctors office. First, they failed to mention to me that my OB wasn't there that day, so I only saw one of the nurses. We heard the fetal heart tones, and she said over and over again that everything was fine. However, when we left I did not feel at ease. Next day rolls around and I didn't go into work. I was up until 2 a.m. that night worrying because I had barely felt Carter move since the fall. I called the doc, and once again Geoff and I headed to the OB's office. We hear the fetal heart tones once more, see a new nurse, and once again, not only is my OB not in the office, but all of the OB's were out of the office (in surgery supposedly). I'm beyond livid at this point. Not once have I been checked out by an OB, and Carter's movement on a scale from 1-10 is normally at an 8 and it was now at a 2. Finally I demanded an ultrasound. The nurse tried to tell me that generally insurance only covers one ultrasound and I told her that I'm covered per my HR rep at work. Not only that, but I got medicaid for that very reason (the just in case). She says that she'll contact my OB and get back to me the next day about setting up that ultrasound. Yet again, another day of waiting and not really knowing if Carter is okay.

Thursday, I go into work ... mainly to get my mind off of everything. I receive a call, and I have an ultrasound scheduled at Holland Hospital that afternoon. My Mom was kind enough to go with me, Geoff had already missed so much work on my account. As I'm getting the ultrasound, I was asking the Tech. questions and of course she couldn't answer any of them. She was like a robot only saying, "your doctor will go over the results with you." Grrr ... so I leave, and have yet another night of restless sleep. Carter still hasn't moved much at this point.

Friday I went into work again, only for a few hours because I finally received a call from MY OB. She apologized profusely because apparently I was supposed to find out the results of my ultrasound at the hospital the same day, and the Tech. accidentally sent me away. Then she ensures me that the ultrasound looked good overall, but mentioned something about fluid in the bladder area (on the baby). She wanted me to rest over the weekend and call her on Monday to tell her how I was doing. However, Friday had another surprise waiting for me. I received a call from my insurance company from workers comp. and this woman spoke with me for over 30 minutes about every detail of my fall, where, when, how?, the doctors visits and everything in between. She INSISTED that I take workers comp. because she's not comfortable with the treatment I was receiving either. HOWEVER, the weekend really did help. Geoff and I completely took it easy, relaxed and even watched the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy. It was awesome. :D

Monday (yesterday) rolls around and I'm feeling a lot better. My bruises on my legs are starting to fade, my upper body is no longer sore, my stomach wasn't as tight as before and Carter starting moving around a lot more. I had some cramping in my stomach on and off throughout the entire week/weekend, but overall I was feeling a lot better. I called my OB to explain all of this to her, but also to explain that my work/insurance wants me to have two weeks of disability to rest. My OB kind of blew me off, and said she needed to speak with the billing department in regards to this situation. The woman from workers comp. called me again saying that I'm on workers comp. whether my doctor puts me on it or not. Now, I have mixed feelings about this situation. First of all, I'm really doing a lot better. Second of all, I feel that I'm screwing people over at my work and for me not to be there for 2 weeks is just not okay. Also, I don't get compensated at 100%, only 80% of my normal wages. However, the one benefit is that I missed three days of work that my job was not going to reimburse me for and this way, I at least will get most of the money I would normally earn.

Ugh, it's such an ugly mess. I feel like all of this could've been avoided and the workers comp. situation is almost stressing me out more than the fall itself. However, I'm really upset once again with my doctors office. I feel that they should've done EVERYTHING in their power to check me over full out the first time I went in there, instead of making me come back to Holland for three days in a row. That's their job! Making sure I was unstressed, at ease and fully satisfied with my treatment. I feel like I was treated like a number. They might see women fall all the time, they might see broken legs and etc, etc. all the time, BUT this is my first pregnancy, and this WAS the first time I fell. They should've been more sensitive to that and done everything to ensure I was alright, all around.

They failed.

Therefore, today, I go in yet again. Full evaluation and they are going to hear it from me. I may need to find a new OB depending on how today goes.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support, prayers and love while we've been going through this whole ordeal. It means so much to Geoff and I both.


Geoff said...

What a tangled mess! Of course, I've been here throughout the whole story, but it's very interesting to have it all laid out like this. Makes it seem even more crazy!

Love you baby! Hang in there!

Jonathon Arntson said...

Wow, sorry about all that. Watching my sisters go through pregnancy made reading that quite difficult. I used to live in Holland (now I live in Ludington, MI), I do not think it's a coincidence that the hospital's website used to be Good luck, and I look forward to hearing good news.

Aunt Chris said...

So sorry to hear about everything...I hope today will bring you peace about Carter and that he is fine...and also to know whether to stay with your current OB or find someone new. Pray about it and ask God for wisdom...He chose YOU to be Carter's Mom amongst all the other women in the world! He is creating Carter as I write this so ask Him to protect him. Please read Psalm is a beautiful thing to know that Carter is on God's mind are you!
Praying for you Michelle.

Mary Cunningham said...

Thank the lord you and the baby seem to be okay! Remember, you do have an aunt and uncle on this side of the family that deliver lots of babies. Never be afraid to call them. Dad's got connections in MI and can hook you up if you need.

Much love and well wishes! Keep us posted on the movement of the little one!!!