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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forgetting The Fall / In Dreams

So on Tuesday, Michelle was at work and was filling in on recess duty. She slipped on some ice and fell flat on her stomach. Her knee was all bruised up nicely and of course, we were concerned about Carter. So we went to the Doc's later that afternoon and Carter had a clean bill of health. Yet for the rest of the day and night and into yesterday, he wasn't moving around much. Ever since we've felt the first movements back on Christmas Day, he has barely stopped! So Michelle and I were still unsettled. We went in again yesterday to hear the heartbeat again. It was fine - a little more fluctiating than our other visits, but no big deal. Still, Michelle wanted an ultrasound. She's going to go have that today around 5pm.

Last night I talked to the belly and told Carter to wake up. He did move around a bit - much more than he had been in the last two days - and so our hearts were much more at ease. Still, we wanna take a look inside. :D So send your prayers Michelle's way. I can't make it to the appointment with her today (first one I've missed), so I hope our thoughts and prayers can go with her in my place. We're sure everything is completely fine and our doctors have been great. This is simply a piece-of-mind procedure. From everything we've heard, it would take a lot more to hurt our little man than a fall on a playground. He's pretty protected in there!

* * *

In other news, I had a crazy dream last night. I've always been fascinated by dreams (as many people are), and I've been having really vivid one's lately. My new WIP actually, (which I finally started drafting last night), The Education of Pennington Groves, came from a dream I had a couple of weeks ago! Anyways, I barely remember the dream from last night, I just had an odd realization when I woke up. Many of my dreams contain the same things. Like, I've created a separate world in my head that I continually go back to. My friends in my dreams are sometimes people I don't even know, but they're always the same group of friends. The places I go, the way things look, the city I live in, all fictitious. Yet it remains the same. I will even TALK about experiences that took place in OTHER dreams while dreaming. A few nights ago I had a dream that I crashed my van into a tree (don't worry, I was fine). In last night's dream I was riding a bike around. Why? Because I told everyone I totalled my van. That's just one small instance, but I found all the similarities rather strange. It's like there's some set to the Geoff's Dreams TV show that I go back and work on every night. It's kinda cool, but also kind of disturbing.

Like... what if I'm ACTUALLY dreaming right now... that this other "dream" world is actually my reality...

Nope, I can't buy that. I of course would've made up Michelle (she's perfect for me in every way) but no way would I have dreamt up working at UniSource. That would be just a very cruel thing to do myself. Dreams are an escape? Why would I ESCAPE to UniSource????


So what about you? Have you created an alternate reality in your head? Is there an odd congruence in your dreams? Do you remember your dreams at all?


Mic said...

Geoff, I don't think anyone's mind works quite like yours. :D I dream really weird things all the time. However, my alternate reality is very strange ... it always seems to be childhood related or mostly aventure/fantasy oriented. And of course, I occasionally dream about what I see, like Dexter or Twilight (don't judge me) ... so I don't know. I'm weird too, but my dreams are NEVER as detailed as yours are.

Mom said...

You inherited that dream thing from me. Dad always said my dreams would make great movies.

Mic said...

Yeah, well Dad talks in his sleep and tries to fix "fences" so ... what does that mean? lol.