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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ultrasound

Jan. 11, 2010

What a crazy experience it was to see inside my wife's belly! Our first looks at our new baby boy, of course, came with a lot of questions. Michelle's were particular good at times.

(having already seen the picture on your left...) Michelle: "So, are you sure it's a boy?"

(and then later on...)
Michelle: "And you're sure there's only one in there, right?"

I think Mic was secretly wanting to have twin girls, for she is never one to be shown up, and her best friend Amanda had twin girls a couple of years ago. Of course, we're thrilled with Carter (especially me, first born son and all that...) but I know Michelle, and the cute-and-cuddly factor of both her and Amanda having adorable little girls would be right up her dorky alley. They probably would've dressed all FOUR of them alike just for kicks.

But as you can plainly see, we've got a boy! Carter is growing at the exact rate he should and his heart beat is right on target. There's not much more you can ask for at this stage in the game. I know Michelle is getting to know him very well, as he kicks and pokes and topples around. Last night we were watching an episode of Dexter and Michelle exclaims, "Holy crap!", grabs my hand, and places it on her belly. Carter is kicking like mad! He is a mover and shaker, but usually when I go to feel it, he calms down (kicks are reserved for Mommy, apparently...). But nope, he was still swinging away. My guess is it could've been the show. He was either telling us to stop watching something so intense in his presence... or he was telling us to turn it up.

If he's any son of mine, it was the latter.


Amanda Beth said...

It always warms me to the core to hear the man's perspective on pregnancy and new life. I love to hear how very exciting this is for, just as much as it is for your lovely wife. A few things come to mind when I read this:

#1. I am almost positive she was asking if there was only one in there because the thought of two may be quite sweet from an outsiders perspective, on the inside, its a little overwhelming. And Michelle has had a lot of firsthand experience with my two "angels".

#2. Yes of course we would dress all 4 girls the same whenever all the kids would be together. Would that not be the cutest thing that you could possibly imagine!? I was secretly hoping for twin boys. But Carter will just have his plethora of ladies to choose from.

3. Ya'll are GLOWING. You know that women usually get the motherly glow, (not to be confused with the glittering of our beloved vampire, Edward) but you Geoff, have it as well. I'm filled to the brim with excitement for you to hold your first son. It's right around the corner.

#4. I strongly urge you to talk to the baby in Mic's tummy. Russ did this all the time with the girls and when they were born, and while we were still in the hospital, they would turn their heads in his direction when they heard his voice. Magnificent! Although they couldn't quite see him yet, they were hyper-aware through other senses that their daddy was still here to protect and love them. It's incredible to witness.

Anyway, I love this blog. I basically know everything from talking to Michelle incessantly, but I love reading about it in your words just as much. Keep it up! It makes me feel closer to the two of you and makes me feel as if I am apart of your lovely family. God bless all three of you!

Mic said...

1. I did want twins. In all honesty ... it was so I could FOR SURE be a stay at home mom, like Amanda. I can't lie.

2. Carter will most likely marry one of your girls, if they're into the whole "cougar" thing.

3. Edison = Son of Edward. :D

4. Thank you for the advice!