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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today Is The Day! pt. 1

So we are officially all settled in to Holland Hospital for the birth of little Carter. What's that you ask? Oh, yes, he is exactly TWO WEEKS EARLY! I blame our families - they've all been calling it all week. Way to jinx us!

Carter is feeling just fine and his heart rate is right on track. Michelle's blood pressure has been a bit high so she has been stuck in bed until just a few minutes ago. Now she's rolling on the birthing ball and says it is really helping her battle those contractions, which are now about 3-5 minutes apart!

Emily (pictured) is here with us assisting in the labor, and Mama Wedeven, Linnea (Mic's sis) and Ryan (our nephew and new cousin-to-be!) are here in the room for a bit keeping us company.

So things are under way! I just got some delicious breakfast from the great cafe they have here at Holland and Michelle has requested Journey on the iTunes, so things are going well! Thank you for your prayers and support and I will do my best to keep you updated.



Chris said...

Texas is excited! Congratulations!

Deelightful said...

SO SO SO excited to meet Carter! :)xo to all of you!