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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today Is The Day! pt. 2

So it's a little after three now and Michelle has done SUCH an amazing job! She was experience a lot of back labor and was so very tired that we decided at 7cm to do an epidural. Before that she had taken only a couple doses of pain meds and I'm very proud of her for trying to things natural like she wanted to. We just ran into little Carter wanted to come out "sunny-side up" which leads to a lot of back pain because his hard noggin is press on the pelvis and spine instead of his soft little face.

So we started things off on the birthing ball and it went really well for her. Tony (Mic's brother, pictured) stopped by for a photo op and Del (her dad) also made it out before having to get back to the farm. But we hit some hard times there and, after a valiant effort, Mic opting for the epidural.

Now she's awake and feeling much better, so much better in fact that she's now doing her make-up! Go figure. And it looks like the pushing has begun!!! Gotta jet - I have a son to meet!!!

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