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Friday, April 30, 2010

We're Almost There!

36 weeks, 26 days away now! Geoff and I got wonderful news yesterday from the doctor. I'm 2 cm dialated, 50% effaced, Carter has dropped, his head is down, ready to go and they estimated that he'll be 7 1/2-8 pounds at birth.

The nursery is really coming along (pictures to be posted soon), we just need to paint the dresser we got from Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil (thanks again, we LOVE it!) and I think we're ready. It feels good to be able to say that. :D

Geoff is so stoked to be a Dad. I truly can't wait to see my son in his arms, he's going to be an amazing father. You should all see how adorable he is when he talks to my belly. It's truly precious.


Patricia said...

You ovenseenIf I move to texas are you all coming! Amanda would love to spoil your son! And I would have you and her in the same place with all the chicks.....ahhh heaven!! Love you sweetie!! Mom Crabb <3 <3

Deelightful said...

aww Mic I'm so excited for you all!! Can't wait to meet Carter. xo