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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gifts And A Pregnancy Update

Blessings. Geoff and I have received many recently. I had my last baby shower this past Saturday, and it was so wonderful to see all of my friends and family, not to mention to have all the love and support that surrounded me. Thank you everyone for making it wonderful!

Geoff and I aren't 100% set on everything that needs to be done before Carter arrives, but after this weekend, we are certainly closer. We got our Stroller/Car seat "travel system," the changing table assembled and in the nursery (along with totes to store diapers, creams, lotions, etc.), and Geoff proved that he is a true "man's man" and put together our crib without any instructions and without ever seeing it put together before. :D He rocks. The crib is massive! It seriously takes up at least 1/4 of the room. lol. It's beautiful, but whooza! Also, thanks to our extremely generous friends Jen and Bill, we now have a high chair and a Pack and Play (that raises into a bassinet) that match for FREE. It's too much you guys, but Geoff and I appreciate it more than I can express. THANK YOU! We ALSO are going to be getting a cute, square dresser from Geoff's aunt Deb and uncle Phil for Carter's clothes. 36x36 ... I can't wait.

There's still a lot left to do as far as preparation goes, such as organizing the nursery, laundry and unpackaging bottles and kitchen stuff and what not. We also need to pack our hospital bag, but the thing that stinks is a lot of stuff we need to bring to the hospital is stuff we use daily. lol. We'll figure it out. I'm doing my best to pace myself and not get too anxious or worked up, but it's a lot and it's overwhelming.

I'm really starting to feel pregnant, now that I'm 35 weeks and still measuring ahead of time ... I really shouldn't complain because for the most part I've had a wonderful pregnancy and have felt pretty good. However, Carter has already dropped which means sitting, standing, laying ... none of them are comfortable for any period of time. However, I am going to try to help myself out by getting into a regular workout routine to build muscles and stamina for the "big day." My friend Shana loaned me this wonderful pregnancy workout that I did yesterday, and I felt great while doing it, and even better today. (My appetite increased overnight from all the calories I burned though ... so I felt like I kind of defeated the purpose, lol.) Therefore, I'm going to continue to do that every day that I can. There's also a post baby workout as well, so I'm hoping to trim the fat as quickly as possible and hopefully more than just the baby weight!

Geoff and I are trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible and are filling up our weekends with friends along with alone time. I'm starting to feel the stress of, "this is the last time we'll be alone!" Or, "this is the last time we can hang out with these friends without stress of a baby sitter fiasco." Silly I know, but we're trying to get the most out of our time as possible.

Thanks for checking in and for listening. :D


Melissa said...

Awesome! Go Geoff, with the manliness! Go Michelle with the exercise! Pregnancy workout, huh? I'd be interested in seeing what that involves.

Miranda said...

Haha well Auntie Miranda drives to Babysit so have no fear lol... Plus being medically trained you should feel even better about that lol. LOVE YOU!