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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kicks To The Head

So this is my family blog, as well as my writer blog. When I jump on here, I wear different hats.

Tonight I'm posting a quick family update, so here's this! Michelle is clipping right along! This is our photo from March 15 at 30 weeks in! I've starting talking to Carter at night before bed. Its pretty fun. I don't say much, but I pretty much have to do it once a day now since about a week ago I leaned over the belly, said hello to my son, and put my ear where I had just placed my lips. He instantly kicked in me in the head. I'd say that's the perfect way for our relationship to start! Now I'm kinda trying it all the time to see if he'll do it again. You know, because I think its funny. And he can get away with it for now, so why not let him? All in all we've been very blessed with a smooth pregnancy. I hope he's as little trouble out as he is in. :D

On a writing note I'm meeting with Matty tonight to discuss our projects (my focus of course is The Sons of the Moon, his is Disciple 6, a comic book that has been stewing in his mind since his early teens. It's mega sweet.) We haven't got together in a long time and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully brains will be storming tonight! I'll post again soon on a longer, more official "writer's journey/rant" thing I've been working on this week. So look for that! Until then, take care!

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Mic said...

This is too precious. :D