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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twitter: Too Much Static

So going by the date of the announcement on this blog (April 14th), it has been two months to the day since I first got my Twitter account. I will say that it is a lot more useful and more fun than I ever thought possible.

I am, however, running into some questions.

I have 128 followers, which is pretty cool. I get a couple every day and I've been chatting and making some good connections with fellow writers. So, obviously, there's no such thing as too many followers.

But what about "Followings?"

I currently follow 258 accounts. Most of the time it isn't a problem to handle, but I've noticed something in the last few days. When I write - the most time I ever spend on the computer - I usually have the internet up, on or wiki or other such sites. And usually there's a tab with my Twitter feed in it. I find my brain constantly being distracted when a little (insert number here) pops up in parenthesis in the Twitter tab. It could be 1 or 2, sometimes even 8 or 10. All new tweets, all popping up since the last time I looked, all calling out to me to be scanned over and explored. This is an easy enough problem to overcome - a little bit of will-power and a little closing of the Twitter tabs, or the browser altogether.

But like I said, I don't spend much time on a computer NOT writing. So I feel that if I step away from the Twitter, that when I get back to it, even in a day, its bogged down with tweets - call it static in the airwaves. I never know what's new and I can never find where I left off. I can never join in on current chats or conversation because I don't know where it started! Is this just one of the side-effects of Twitterdom, something that must be mastered using #hashtags and saved searches and the like...

Or am I following too many people?

Let me throw it out to you, since I'm still only 2 months into this game. What do you do? How many people do you currently follow? Do you weed out poisonous tweeters who tweet constantly and repetitively, even when some of its good stuff? Do you have certain time set aside JUST to tweet and social network? Do you feel overwhelmed keeping up with all this stuff??? I've found a lot of great links, met a lot of great people on Twitter, and got turned on to some really cool books. But I'm beginning to think its time that a dialed the signal in a little better; got rid of some of the static.

So, friends, how do you do it?


Katie said...

oh friend. I have 2243 followers and I follow 1355. Do you use tweetdeck or hootsuit? Do you have lists?

The best way to make sure you see tweets of those you want is using lists.

For instance, I have lists of the people I chat most often with, other mom bloggers, moms with PPD, bands I love, etc.

I happen to use tweetdeck (which I have open all dang day) and I can have a column showing for each list including my mention column, all friends, DMs, etc.

You can also follow certain hashtags this way. for instance I have a column for the hashtag #trdc because it stands for The Red Dress Club which is an online writing community I co-lead.

I also follow #ppdchat because moms with PPD use this tag when they are talking about postpartum depression.

Does that help? you can always follow me @ksluiter or Cort @csluiter and we can help you out. We are vets :)

Geoff said...

Dang Katie you're a pro! Thanks for the tips, and I'll be sure to follow both you and Cort. I think I'm friends with Cort on more sites than anyone else I know, lol!