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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carter Edison Young Haney: Year One

So it's my son's 1 year birthday today! Above is a picture of the two of us. I am on the right, at age 1. He is on the left. It's very shocking to have a little Mini-Me running around the world. It's almost like an evil twin, or a baby me come from the past, and eventually someday we must destroy each other in mortal combat because both of us, so similar, can't exist in the same time.

I guess it's nothing like that, but gimme a break, I write fantasy! My mind goes to odd places.

Anyways, I wanted to drop a quick post for posterity, to capture what I was thinking on the day my son turned 1. It seems like just yesterday - cliche as heck, I know - when we brought him home from the hospital. But it's been a year. And I can hardly fathom it. Yet, it so many other ways its as if Carter has always been here - has always been a part of our lives. I think that's the definition of love, when you can feel that. I say it about Michelle all the time, too. I feel like I didn't really, truly live until I had my family. And so since I have in fact lived 28 years, my beloved family must have been a part of those 28 years, somehow. They're sprinkled in my hopes and dreams and memories I've had since day 1, even though I hadn't met them. And now that they're here, I am here. Truly here.

So Carter, my boy, years from now when you inevitably stumble on this small little corner of the internet and this post about you (for the interwebs keep eeeeevvvverrrytthiiinnnggg, moohahahahahha!), I want you to know how much I love you. Whether I go on to successfully slay the dragons in my head or I end up working in a crap-tastic warehouse the rest of my life, I can confidently say that, through you, I have done something awesome in this world. Because you are awesome - and I mean that in the most direct sense of the word. You fill me awe. I'm so proud of you already, and I can't even imagine what adventures life holds for you.

Happy Birthday C! You are the breath that keeps me going.


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