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Monday, March 28, 2011

Is it Spring Already?!

Life since we got back from our Texas trip has been craaaaaaaazy! My car needed new back brakes, so Geoff and a friend kindly took care of that minor problem. All was well until my "check engine light" came on. It appears that I may need a new belt of some kind. Great. Geoff's van also needs new brakes and a muffler. I love cars. I finished up watching my niece Josalyn for the month of March, and I am now back at Carey's house nannying her 3 girls. 4 children is a challenge, I won't deny it. A lot of fun, but a challenge for sure. :D Geoff and I are trying to square things away with where we want to be in the next year. We decided to rent for one more year starting next month, and hopefully after that we can start looking into houses! Geoff is also working extremely hard on his book, "The Sons of The Moon" and is hoping to self publish by the end of the year, making the book available by Christmas! I'm so incredibly proud of him! Carter is getting bigger by the instant! He's nearly 11 months old already, and we are planning his 1 year birthday party that will take place on May 22. He's very close to walking and says "mama" and "dada" well. However, he said his first word just yesterday. "Yay." He's also clapping when we say "yay" or "good job," as well as when we sing "paddy cake." He's the joy of our lives, and I can't believe he's mine.

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