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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anniversary and Birthday

October 11 marks a very special day in my life. October 11 is the day Geoff and I got married 2 years ago. This past weekend we were able to celebrate our anniversary by having our first official "date day." We started the day off with an amazing breakfast at home, then we dropped of Carter to the Grandparents and headed to the movie theater for a double feature. We saw Toy Story 3 in 3D (which was probably one of the greatest movies I've ever seen) and The Other Guys. Both totally worth it! We then headed out to an early dinner and then back to pick up the little man to go back home. Needless to say, it was the perfect day going into a perfect weekend.

Sunday the 10th we dedicated Carter at Engedi church. It was an amazing experience in which Geoff and I received support from our amazing family, friends, and the community of people at our church. We followed up the service with food from China Inn and watching the Lions win their first game of the season at BWW's.

Monday was our "actual" anniversary, and Carter's 5 month birthday. He is getting that much more beautiful and I love him so very much. I don't think any baby could be any more cute and cuddly. The poor little guy however got his first cold this week. Snot everywhere, coughing, fever .. we even had him sleep in his car seat for a few nights just so he could breathe. :( He's just now starting to get a little better. Praying for a fast recovery.

In other news ... Geoff and I signed a 6 month lease for our apartment. We're hoping to find a house or duplex that we can rent for a little bit while we focus on paying off our debt to buy a house with the next couple of years. I'm excited, and nervous at the same time. I just hope we can find what we're looking for by the time May comes around!

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Matthew Rush said...

Awesome (except the work part, although the OT pay can be great).