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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reflections and Changes

One month ago today our little miracle came into the world. Wow. Time really does fly. He's changed so much already, but I love watching him grow. He's 22 inches long now and nearly 9 and 1/2 pounds. He still fits into some newborn onesies, but not for long. He's holding his head up more and more and already wants to stand up. He is starting to love bath time as well, which makes mommy and daddy very happy! Oh my goodness, I fear this will all go a lot faster than I'd prefer, but ... he's still a little peanut to me.

I've had some recent changes to my life that I feared were going to be devastating, but I've been pleasantly blessed and surprised. I lost my job of two years today. Apparently they felt that my position needed some revamping and they've now decided that the position requires two years of college experience (which I don't have) due to the expansion of the new school, therefore leaving me terminated. It was hard to take in. However, the good news is that I didn't leave on bad terms, I can collect unemployment, I get to stay home with my son, and I already have another job lined up starting at the end of August. Yes, I will be a "nanny" to two wonderful children and I get to bring Carter with me everyday. Amazing. I'm sure it will be a bit overwhelming at first to take care of three children, but it will also be great experience. I'm very excited about this change and opportunity, although it is a little scary.

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